Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find some answers for Frequently Asked Questions will may help you understand the site better.


This site is to get tokens for every task you do, like visiting shortlink, completing auto claims, offers from offerwalls, etc. Which can be converted to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Hora Token, Tron. All withdraws are processed through faucethub currently.

After registering, you can simply start claiming.

We currently support FaucetHub as our payment processor.
All TOKEN will be converted your desire currency. You can see on withdraw page.
Minimum withdraw for all currency is 0.00000100 BTC, 0.00001000 ETH, 1.00000000 DOGE, 10.00000000 HORA, 0.20000000 TRX.


Auto Claim Points are the number of times you can claim from auto. For example, if you have 6 ACP means you can claim 3 times from auto, then every cycle of auto claim 2 ACP will be deducted from your account.

There are multiple ways you can earn free ACP, like by doing Shortlinks, completing offerwall task, collecting every 24 hours from Faucet.

You cannot simply withdraw your Auto Claim Points (ACP), you need to start the Auto Claims on the dashboard where each claim will be converted into TOKEN, which you can withdraw easily into your FaucetHub account in supported currency.

Yes, Of course you can! While the Auto Claims is running, you can do the task to earn ACP which will increase the timer your Auto Claims runs.

Claim rates are 20 TOKEN, you can also see the claim rates on Dashboard .

No you cannot, only the first opened page will work.

No, it is not possible, only first opened auto faucet page will work.


Multiple account, using proxy, VPN or BOT or Try to cheat will Get Banned.Your account and balance will be lost.

To reset your password, you can click Forget Password button and follow the steps to reset your account.